Create Your Own Quote for our Duct Cleaning Services

To create your own estimate for duct cleaning, simply follow these six steps:

1. Complete the contact section and include all information .

2. Count the number of registers that blow warm and cold air into your home, and input the number on the coresponding line (Floor, Wall, or Ceiling Registers)

3. On the Trunk Access line, enter Qty 4. These are the points that we will need to access the trunk line for cleaning. On occasion, we may need more or fewer access points; you will only be billed for the actual openings we make.

4. On the Dryer Vent line, enter the number of dryers (w/duct) you have in your home. In the event we inspect your ducts and they do not need cleaning, we can still clean your dryer vent(s) for the $75 per vent fee. 

5. If any of your floor, wall, or ceiling registers are worn out or need replacing, simply enter the number on the corresponding line.

6. Zone Charges apply for projects that are outside of a 30-mile radius from our office in Whitmore Lake. Enter 1 if you are outside of the radius.

Michigan Energy Services | Duct Quote

Customer Information
Qty Type Amount Total
Floor Register 30.00
Wall Register 30.00
Ceiling Register 30.00
Trunk Access 40.00
Dryer Vent (w/Duct) 25.00
Dryer Vent (w/o Duct) 75.00
New Floor Registers 5.00
New Wall Registers 7.00
New Return Air Grill 5.00
New Double R/A Grill 7.00
Video Inspection Only 150.00
Zone Charge 75.00
Total Project